Liquid Body Retreat
19 th - 25 th August 2019 - Italy, Sasseta Alta
A holistic experience to settle down and nourish body and mind through daily movement practice, in and out of healing waters, fully immersed in pure nature
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What to expect
Liquid Body is a mindful movement practice that guides participants throughout a transformative process of self-discovery, both in and out of the pool. Suitable for all ages, abilities and backgrounds and applicable into personal and professional daily life with innumerable benefits:

~ Gain of physical and mental freedom
~ Reduction of stress and anxiety
~ Fullness of human biomechanics
~ Improvement of mobility
~ Joint wear reduction and injury prevention
~ Increase of self-awareness
~ Wellness restoration

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The practice uniquely interweaves elements of watsu, dance, meditation and somatic work and it is cultivated on a rich philosophical terrain deeply inspired by studies on water. It is based on the premise that humans evolved from oceanic origins through millennia of adaptability power and by adopting a myriad of forms till our present form. Human bodies are composed of approximately 70% water, a fact widely known, yet little appreciated in its full scope as an embodied experience of our most basic physiological condition. Organs, bones, muscles and all other anatomical structures are not only abundantly composed of water, but are bathed internally and externally by various fluids as blood, lymph, hormones, urine, saliva, etc. The homeostatic and metabolic processes depend entirely on the healthy functioning of this fluid system and are considered as the pillar of all other bodily systems. The fluid system is nothing less than the oceanic memory and residue, rhythmically pulsating, still present in our physiological composition.

The notion that we metaphorically carry a constant "inner sea" is the portal to perceive and relate to our body from a radically different perspective. The key pivotal element is the relation with the gravitational force: fear of falling and of letting go, is universal ever present. Working inside the warm waters becomes an optimal way to gently release lifelong emotional and psychological blockages stored in the body and manifested through anxiety stress, postural dysfunctionalities, loss of mobility and lack of bodily awareness. Liquid Body is a moving and embodied philosophy that paves the way to re-awake fundamental qualities of our being, such as adaptability, soft power and fluidity, mostly forgotten and suffocated by life dysfunctional patterns and hidden fears.

For all body types, age and background, for lovers of nature, anyone
wishing to get in touch with the body, regaining the freedom of movement.
For practitioners of manual therapy, yoga, meditation and other related fields, Liquid Body provides a diversity of tools and techniques which can be integrated
into the profession and daily life.

Sasseta Alta is an oasis of peace and relaxation, located on the hills of southern Maremma in Tuscany and surrounded by olive trees and forests.
Services provided:
3 meals p/d prepared in the bio-restaurant
accommodation in classic country
style houses of Tuscany
access to indoor gym and
pool during activities
access to the outdoor
bio lake during free time
special discounts on holistic
treatments and watsu session
Arrival: Monday 19th August - first activity in the afternoon and only dinner included
Departure: Sunday 25th August - last activity in the morning, breakfast and lunch included
Double rooms
Single use: 1100€
Shared: 900€
Triple room: 830€
Quadruple room: 800€
2 apartments - in 2: 960€ , in 3: 880€ ,
in 4: 820€

Double rooms
Single use: 1200€
Shared: 1000€
Triple room: 930€
Quadruple room: 900€
2 apartments - in 2: 1060€ , in 3: 980 ,
in 4: 920€

Double rooms
Single use: 1350€
Shared: 1150€
Triple room: 1080€
Quadruple room: 1050€
2 apartments - in 2: 1200€ , in 3: 1130 , in 4: 1070€
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About the Teacher
Bruno Caverna
founder, teacher
Originally from Rio de Janeiro Bruno started practicing a vast array of physical practices at the age of 8, such as capoeira, contact-improvisation,
contemporary dance, acrobatics, watsu, taiji, qi-gong and systema, just to mention a few. Through his auto-didactic nature, Bruno has been extensively researching ways of integrating elements of these diverse movement practices into a more expansive somatic understanding and training method (for dancers, movement practitioners and anyone seeking a path towards reconnecting with their body knowledge). During his journey, Bruno has been deeply fascinated by the mysterious ways water behaves and flows in its natural environment; the water studies next to the education in watsu have become a fluid compass for his life navigation, leading him to develop Liquid Body, the foundation of his movement practice. Since 1994 until now Bruno has been teaching/sharing passionately and tirelessly his life experiences with people from all walks of life in more than 30 countries. He authored Formless Arts, an umbrella and philosophical core for Play-Fight and Liquid Body practices, result of a vision that questions our crystallized concepts while at the same time interweaving a multitude of disciplines and tribes through a common thread.